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Carry on Glamping




    Is the boom in glamping holidays here to stay?

There is no doubt about it, the UK has experienced a significant surge in the popularity of glamping over the past 3 years. Google recorded a 118% hike in searches for glamping holidays during the past 12 months. What's fuelled this growth? There are 5 key factors driving this demand;


    1. Quality of products. Leaky wind blown tents have undergone a radical transformation.

         Safari tents  and yurts now come with all the creature comforts.


    2. Sense of fun and adventure. Consumers are looking for a different holiday experience rather

        than run of the mill cottage. It's far more fun for children sleeping under a canvas, in an eco

        cabin or a tree house.     


    3. Cost. Breaks in posh tents aren't cheap but flexible booking rules enable you to stay for 2 or

        3 nights unlike cottages which often restrict bookings to a minimum of 7 nights during the high



     4. Festivals. Outdoor music and food festivals are now all the rage and very much part of the rural

         social scene between May and August. Ageing festival goers have rekindled interest in living under

         the stars for a few nights and are now taking their young children away on holiday in a posh tent.


      5. Warmer climate. Summer 2018 was a scorcher with temperatures nudging upwards the

           letting season is extending beyond the school summer holiday.


     Will the sales of glamping holidays continue to trend skywards?

I think that the growth in sales will soon level off. Business opportunities for land owners to set up a site  still exist, but guest expectations of comfort and a unique experience will raise the bar higher. This shift will require operators to invest in more expensive structures and upgrade facilities to tempt customers who are becoming spoilt for choice. 





4. September 2018 by Nick House